How to book a tutor?

  • Pick a tutor who teaches the subject that you want help with.
  • Send them a message asking for pricing information and when you can arrange your first session.
  • Be tutored by somebody who is simply great at the subject they are teaching and enjoy the satisfaction of getting great grades.

Andrea Metei


My name is Andrea, I am 19 years old and I am a first year student at IB programme. I am ambitious and hard-working, and these two characteristics are best reflected in my first exam results. 
I enjoy working and interacting with people, and I believe that everyone can teach you something new. That is why I am excited to help other students to improve their math skills and to explain better what it is hard for them, because I believe that nothing is impossible.
  • +31 6 45763535

Madalina Bulumac


Hi!! My name is Madalina and I’m a 1st year IB student. Being part of a Math class during my previous education and teaching others before in the domain are two of my main strengths. At the beginning of the Semester I saw that there are a lot of people struggling with Math so I happily offered my help to some of my colleagues. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed!

  • +40 725 763 204

Mircea Cotofana


Hellooo! My name is Mircea and I am a 1st year IB student. I find accounting as being the structure on which a business is built so that’s why you should know it. I’ll do my best explaining you the basis in order to pass the exams and understand what accounting is really about.
  • +40 725 563 790
Reshan Lachmansingh

Reshan Lachmansingh

Mathematics and Accounting

I am Reshan from class 1L and I teach Mathematics and Accounting. Together, we can go through the material in depth and you won’t have to worry about making mistakes, because I will help you learn from them and use them to your advantage.

  • +06 52868503

Nashwa Usama

Mathematics and Accounting

Hi kiddos! I’m Nashwa, you probably have seen me around somewhere in uni. 
Since I’m Asian, I’ll be tutoring Maths and Accounting. With you, I’ll help you get good (or even amazing) results by focusing on building the basics and then diving into the deep end. 
  • +31 6 33692248

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